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My name is Katrina Weeks. I was born in Sweetwater, TN in 1995. I am now 26 with a husband and 3 beautiful kids living in Maryville, TN. I love art, animals, hunting and fishing.

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  • Busy few days.
    The last few days have been very stressful and busy. Been helping my in-laws paint and fix up their new house just up the road from us. Also been dealing with a cold. Work was very stressful.
  • Family
    My in-laws now live on the same street as me. My husband is so excited about it. I’m happy about it but when I want to do something with my family he doesn’t have time for them. He doesn’t understand how bad it hurts me….
  • Better
    Today is a better day. No headache. Memory pain is still there but not as bad today. Thank God for another day.
  • Can’t put words to the pain I’m feeling. Memories from the past still haunt me so bad, but I don’t let anyone know that. I feel judged if I let my feelings show.
  • Awake
    Good morning. What a way to wake up with a massive headache. Sleep wasn’t great last night kept tossing and turning. Pray this headache goes away and work is good.
  • Depressed
    Today is very depressing. Everything keeps upsetting me. I have don’t snapped at my boss once, but he will not listen just acts like I’m stupid.
  • Watch “Jesse Howard – Little Boy and The Preacher Man” on YouTube
  • Queen
  • 🌻 Sunflower 🌻
  • BOSS
    The boss is always complaining about performance, but won’t listen to us when there is a problem. The same problem from a year ago…..

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